Funding Transport

David Bayliss, Stephen Glaister and Tony Travers. Once Coronavirus has passed we will be left with familiar transport policy problems including: finding more cash for local road maintenance, bus services and other local transport; funding ambitious national infrastructure plans; and the imperative to reform road fuel taxation as transport is decarbonised. It will be a…

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Decarbonising Transport

Dieter Helm, Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Oxford Transport is the main source of domestic carbon emissions. Either transport is decarbonised or we can give up on the net zero target. But how to do it? Most answers, including the ambitious recent Department for Transport’s Decarbonising Transport (March 2020) comprise a list…

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Decarbonising transport – What does it take?

The Transport Knowledge Hub ran a very successful workshop in London on 3rd March on the subject of decarbonising transport. Over 100 people attended and took part in a lively debate stimulated by hearing the evidence and the challenges from expert panel members. This seems a world away from where we are now. Working from…

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Confronting the challenge

aerial housing

What to make of such a high-profile and well-attended event focusing on decarbonising transport? For me there were four clear take-out messages. First, it is relatively easy to come up with lists of measures which look and sound worthwhile, but which on closer inspection do little more than nibble at the edges of what’s going…

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The earth has all the time in the world. And we don’t.

In the Sky

I am feeling strong emotions and also conflicted as I write this short piece. This morning, 4 days before the Transport Knowledge Hub event ‘Decarbonising Transport’, I was sat in an office on Broadway in New York watching footage on my laptop of one of my heroes, climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg, addressing today up…

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Why we need a national aviation strategy

Aeroplane Trail

The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport (ADEPT) recently published a challenge policy paper, calling for a national strategy on the aviation sector. Hannah Bartram, ADEPT’s Chief Operating Officer, explains why a national strategy is needed to tackle both climate change and the economy. ADEPT’s ‘The Future of Aviation’ policy challenge paper…

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‘Seizing the moment’


The top priority for Government’s Bus Strategy must be to recognise the role of buses in tackling congestion. Congestion is what slows journeys down and makes bus travel less attractive. Will we ever convince people to transfer from a car stuck in traffic to a bus stuck in traffic? It’s quite stark – a 10%…

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The shape of changing bus demand in England

FirstGroup Bus

Scott le Vine, Transportation Planner, State University of New York and Honorary Research Fellow, Imperial College London Prof Peter White, Emeritus Professor, University of Westminster   The Independent Transport Commission (ITC) has published our report “The shape of changing bus demand in England”. This report forms part of the ITC’s road and rail travel trends…

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