Housing and Transport: The importance of achieving an integrated approach

The Transport Knowledge Hub (TKH) is currently holding a series of events across the UK on the topic of how sustainable transport can unlock the benefits of new housing which has been attended by experts across the housing and transport sector, in addition to representatives from local and national government. Given the scale and challenge…

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Transport Knowledge Hub Midlands event on sustainable transport and housing

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The Transport Knowledge (TKH) hosted the second of a series of events across the UK on the importance of sustainable transport in the development of new housing. This week, we were in the Midlands to hear about the opportunities and barriers for a more integrated approach between housing and transport. It was kindly hosted by…

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Devolving our railways: Learning the lessons from a summer of Northern chaos

This summer saw an unacceptable and deeply damaging series of delays and cancellations to rail services right across the Northern Powerhouse. Companies were faced with a decimated workforce, employees missed meetings, career opportunities and some even lost their jobs, and parents were left stranded, unable to get home to put their children to bed. This…

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Removing the barriers to integrating sustainable transport and new homes

There is widespread consensus that as a country we need to build significantly more homes if we are going to address the national housing crisis; to the tune of some 300,000 per year. At the same time, the role of sustainable transport in unlocking the economic and social benefits of new housing, as well as…

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Cycling and walking – an essential component of tackling poor air quality in cities’


Air pollution is one of the leading public health crises today, killing tens of thousands of people prematurely across the UK every year, with higher exposure affecting those in towns and city centres. Two of the most harmful forms of air pollution, Nitrogen Dioxide and particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), are largely produced from motorised…

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A Mission for the Future of Mobility

The pace of change in the UK’s mobility landscape is arguably at its fastest ever.  New forms of transport are emerging, and customer expectations are continually being redefined by experiences that would once have been unimaginable. Two recent consultations have looked at the impacts of these changes from very different perspectives.  The Government’s consultation on…

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