The evolution of Birmingham Moor Street – where the past and future meet

Over the years, many of Birmingham’s beautiful, historic buildings have been lost to the bulldozers. New Street and Snow Hill stations were, until the 1960s, fine examples of classic Victorian architecture, with ornate facades and grand vaulted roofs. Both were demolished to make way for modern replacements that were never going to win any beauty…

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Crossrail 2 and sustainable growth

Cross Rail - Photo by Matt BRown -

To commuters in London’s north east and south west the news that additional transport capacity is required will be no news at all. Chronic overcrowding is a daily occurrence on the routes into Moorgate, Waterloo and Liverpool Street. Although the belated launch of the Elizabeth line next year will provide some relief for the latter,…

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Transport Knowledge Hub South East Event blog

London City Hall

The Transport Knowledge (TKH) hosted the fifth and final event of a series across the UK on the importance of sustainable transport in the development of new housing. This week, we were in London’s City Hall for the official launch of the KPMG report Integrating the planning and delivery of sustainable transport with new housing…

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Join-up local transport and planning to maximise the benefits of investment in new housing

aerial housing

The opportunity to maximise the economic and social benefits of public and private investment in new housing are being missed due to a disconnect between sustainable transport and the location of new developments, according to a new report for the Transport Knowledge Hub, published today. Download PDF The independent report, written by KPMG, identifies an…

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Transport and Housing – a view from Leeds City Region

As the pressures increase on Government and private sector to build more houses, it is welcome to see a growing momentum to better link houses with a sustainable transport network. It is hard to have this conversation without thinking about the future of mobility and what people want from where they live and how they…

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The Transport Knowledge Hub highlights from the past year

Transport Knowledge Hub Events Calendar

Politically, 2018 has been one of the most tumultuous years in living memory, dominated by the UK’s fast approaching withdrawal from the European Union. For the Transport Knowledge Hub (TKH), 2018 was an exciting year, which has seen the TKH community grow and continue to facilitate an environment to encourage best practice and to reflect…

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Transport Knowledge Hub event in Bristol

The Transport Knowledge (TKH) hosted the fourth of a series of events across the UK on the importance of sustainable transport in the development of new housing. This week, we were in Bristol to hear about the opportunities and barriers for a more integrated approach between housing and transport. It was kindly hosted by KPMG…

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Why long term devolved funding, can ensure delivery on a local and national scale

If you work in public transport and you live outside of London, chances are you have been asked at some point, ‘Why can’t we have a system like London?’ When devolution was first tabled, the aspiration was for ‘Transport for London-style bodies operating at city-region or city-county level, integrated highways and rail functions and long-term…

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